A Complete Guide on Writing a Perfect 1,000-Word Essay

To some students, writing a 1,000-word essay may seem like an easy task. However, do not let your misleading perception about the simplicity of this work prevent you from preparing for the essay adequately. To get a favorable grade, you should produce an excellent piece. Besides, if you are supposed to write on a technical subject, you need to know where to fix the specific terms so that the readers can find it easy to comprehend your message. In most cases, the challenges you are likely to come across include the inability to determine the content that is adequate for the exact word count expected, writing irrelevant information and failing to adhere to the stipulated format. However, you can curb such issues by ensuring that you do thorough prior preparation for the whole job.

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Start the Work Early

Most students assume that such a task is easy and they can maneuver through it even if they have limited time. However, such a mentality can put you in trouble. As soon as you are issued with the task, start doing it. This way, you are likely to avoid the pressure associated with writing essays when the submission deadline is too close. Besides, if you do not allocate adequate time for the task, the quality is likely to be compromised. Get enough time to write the whole essay and proofread it to ensure it meets the exact standards expected by your instructor.

After procrastinating the task for long, some students use unorthodox methods to submit the assignment before the submission deadline elapses. For example, there are those who copy existing content from the internet. Such content is not only substandard but may not pass the originality test. With plagiarized content, you are putting your education in jeopardy. You can even be discontinued from the course you are pursuing. Avoid such eventualities by doing honest work. You can only be safe if you devote the time you have to constructive work.

Understand the Task at Hand

It is unprofessional to approach a task that you do not know. The first crucial aspect to respect is the fact that the essay has a word limit that you need to stick to. However, you can exceed the word limit when you are preparing your first draft. As you reread your essay, you can reduce the word-count to what is expected. When you exceed the word limit, it makes it easy for you when you remove the phrases which do not make sense. In the process, you also improve the quality of the content without interfering with the minimum word count set.

Secondly, you need to understand the specific question asked. If you are pursuing technical courses like engineering and medicine, you should not expect to encounter easy essay topics. Even for the other courses which are considered to be easier, the question may be twisted in a way that you may not get its exact requirements. Do not just have a brief look at the question and assume that you comprehend it. Assess the question from all the possible perspectives. Weigh all the pros and cons of approaching it in a given way to ensure that you do not miss out anything. Where you still do not understand the question, consult your professor. Due to their experience, they are better placed to guide you on what to do. Besides, you can also talk to your friends who get the requirements better than you do.

There are also those times when you are allowed to choose a topic on your own. However, you can also be confused which subject suits your situation. Pick a subject that you can comfortably handle. Read other examples of 1000-word essays and get an idea of the topics that the readers are likely to be more interested in.

Moreover, you should also analyze all the guidelines that are provided together with your question. For instance, you may be required to use a specific formatting style like MLA or APA. Ensure that you stick to that exact requirement. They determine the grade you attain in such tasks.

Do Extensive Research on the Topic

The external sources of information to be used are determined by the topic you have and the specific guideline from your instructor. For instance, if it is specified that you use three sources, adhere to that instruction. Besides, there are cases where you are told to base your arguments on specific books, journals or articles. It becomes a challenge when you have to decide on the suitable sources on your own. Begin with your lecture notes because they are reliable and comprehensible. You can then go to the library and obtain books and journals that address your subject area. To simplify your work, ask the librarian to guide you so that you do not waste time while trying to locate the right place to get the books. Regardless of how interesting the other books seem to be, resist the urge to divert from the exact requirements of your work.

Moreover, you can still use internet sources to get the content you need. Ensure that you can verify the credibility of the source you choose so that you do not write misleading information in your essay. Get your main points and the supporting evidence that is factual for any perspective you select. Record the points in short form so that you do not forget anything when writing the final piece.

Some of the most exciting essay that you are likely to encounter include:

  • The solid differences between love and passion
  • How love influence the way people behave
  • The impact of pollution on aquatic life
  • A memorable journey to the poles
  • How to adequately prepare for retirement
  • Homeschooling and its impact on knowledge uptake
  • Methods of curbing racism
  • Drug use and its effects on the functionality of the nervous system
  • The importance of zoos
  • The importance of having loyal and honest friends

Work on the Outline and Structure of the Essay

Out of the content that you have obtained, decide what should be in your final work. The decision should be based on their relevance and the strength of the argument. Ensure you do not divert from the topic. Normally, the 1000-word essay should have an introduction, body and a conclusion. In the introduction, ensure that you give the reader adequate background information so that they can have more interest in the content contained in the body. Give startling statistic, an interesting quote, a controversial viewpoint on the topic or an intriguing question. The point here is to ensure that the reader has an interest in what you have to present in your piece. The thesis statement should also give the reader an idea of what they should expect from the essay. In the body, prove that the essay is worth reading because it is where the reader is likely to concentrate on the most. Ensure that you properly dissect the issue under discussion. To avoid confusing yourself and the readers, write each point in its paragraph. Provide the relevant supporting evidence and only move the next point when you have adequately tackled the current one.

The conclusion should be a summary of the main points. Do not just rewrite what you already have in the body. At the same time, it is inappropriate to introduce a new idea here. Give an overview of your essay and provide a take-home point to your readers. Ensure that the readers get the motivation to do more research on the topic or are challenged to have a different look on the subject area.

Proofread the Essay Thoroughly

Writing the essay itself is not the end of the work that you need to do. Proofread the content to ensure that it suits the situation. As you read it for the first time, ascertain the relevance of the content to the question asked. Refer back to the question to ensure that you have provided the answer that is required. Where there is any point or illustration that you feel is not adequate, edit appropriately. At the same time, check that you have formatted the text according to requirements. Where you are instructed to use the MLA formatting style, ensure that the citations have been done properly. Besides, look at the general outline of the essay and ensure that everything is in the right place. Conventionally, a 1,000-word essay should have five body paragraphs.

As you read the essay for the second time, fine-tune the content to your satisfaction. Start with the basic mistakes like how to use the punctuation marks. For instance, ensure that the commas are at the right points especially when you are writing a list. There are also those grammar mistakes that distort the message and need to be corrected. For example, when you use yours instead of yours’, the interpretation of your message may be different. Ensure that the phrases that are used to fit the context within which they are placed. Where that is not the case, edit or remove it completely. The final task should be refined, comprehensible and faultless.
Proofread the Essay Thoroughly

Other Useful Tips

Where the essay allows for the use of humor, it is critical to place them at strategic places in the text. A funny essay attracts the attention of the reader so that they can continue reading the rest of the content. However, do not overuse the jokes such that the content losses authenticity.

Moreover, maintain a sequence of events that the readers can find easy to follow is critical. When you write haphazardly, your content become hard to comprehend. You need to have a logical flow of ideas. This is where the proper flow of transitional phrases come in. There should be a connection in the ideas that you write. When you bring in contradictions, you confuse the readers rather than informing them.

Besides, you need to use simple language that is easy to comprehend. There is no need to using hard vocabularies where just a simple phrase can do the trick. At the same time, do not use sentences that do not add any value to the general flow of the content.

Essay Sample: Why Teenagers Abuse Drugs

Teenagers are known to be curious beings who often want to experiment with everything they can access. Drugs are not an exception. At first, they may begin with less harmful types and graduate to more lethal in their quest for adventure. The main question that the parents ask then becomes, what drives them to these hazardous substances? The most prominent factors that drive them to the drugs include peer pressure; they use them as escapist mechanisms when they are in trouble and the fact that the drugs are easy to get.

Regardless of your age, there is always a degree of pressure that drives you to do things that you are not used to when you find your peers trying them. However, unlike adults who know how to judge the right things from the wrong ones, teenagers are easily swayed regardless of the nature of the activity. Most teenagers are forced to use drugs in a bid to ‘fit in’ with their peers.

There are also several things that stress teenagers. For instance, family problems and pressure from school are known to depress the teenagers. To cope with such issues, the teenagers use drugs hoping that they feel relaxed. However, the drugs only make their lives more miserable.

Moreover, drugs like marijuana are becoming very easy to access for these teenagers. Several studies have shown that 70% of teenagers start abusing alcohol provided they can get access to it. Simply put, there is a close connection between the susceptibility to use drugs among the teenagers and the ease with which it can be accessed.

In conclusion, it is important to know that several prevailing factors make it easy for teenagers to abuse drugs. By knowing these causative factors, it is easy to reduce this menace. Parents and teachers should closely monitor these teenagers for better management.

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