500 Word Essay

500 word essays is an exercise, which requires complete focus. It enables the students to become concise and precise about the writing requirements along with making them strive to receive points that can be attained through jotting down a 500 word essay. You can easily expect it to flash out frequently in late high school and initial college years. An easy way to help you out while writing a 500 words essay can be provided by ensuring help with your queries.

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Definition of 500 Word Essay

500 word essays can appear in front of you either during in-class or during exams. It is the most common assignment that you will receive during your high school or college days. Description of an essay writing task may vary. You can describe such an assignment from ‘an enjoyable and easy’ to ‘catastrophic one’. This essay, though is short consumes both times as well as effort while writing it. This is owing to the reason is that it involves all the basic components that are present in an essay. This type of essay is the most classic kind of essay in the writing assignments. In this essay, you are allowed to provide arguments for supporting or strengthening your position along with intending to inform or educate a reader regarding hot topics. It must also be remembered that whatever goal you aim to pursue, you have to constrain your word limit of five hundred words. This type of essay can be perceived as an opportunity to reveal your thoughts, rehearse thought control and overcome the language mountain. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of many things, which you can say. A simple alteration while writing this assignment will help you in viewing this task as a lecture for structuring your arguments and dazzling verbal debate. As a young individual, who is viewing the world through the prism of significant thinking, you will find out that this skill to be advantages in the later phases of life.

Therefore, in order to help you change your perspective regarding preparation steps that are involved in writing down this essay is provided.

Preparation Steps of Writing down this Essay

There are about 10 steps, which can be included at the time of bracing up to write down an essay. This includes selecting a debatable topic for writing an essay, digging deep, provide yourself adequate time, structure your perceptions & thoughts, understand that thesis statement is at the base of everything, write down the essay, and providence of perfection. This further includes a fresh outlook as well as reaches the end of the road. In the initial stage, you should acknowledge the fact that selecting a topic to write about is undeniable and obvious. Everything turns easier if you select a topic that is based on a contemporary situation and debates associated with it. You must remember that your essay must seem to be brilliant and catchy in the first place, which is an interesting subject, which is the key requirement. The next step involved in the preparation procedure of an essay is profound research, which, in turn, is illustrated as digging deep procedure. This is followed by the point where adequate time is needed, as good ideas do not appear easily and the precise organization of “brainstorming” is necessary to look over the provided theme in the essay from varied angles. Additionally, structuring relevant thoughts is also necessary because it creates an outline for your essay. Shaping an essay’s outline is a necessary step, which is included in your essay.

Another stage, which is involved while preparing an essay is the realization that the thesis statement is the base on which your essay will rely upon. It determines the precise structure of the essay, which is the reason for striving an ideal statement. All these processes initiate the need to start writing an essay. There are some points, which are to be focused on. While writing an essay, it needs to start from the introduction, then moving towards the discussion, and finally to a conclusion. After writing down an essay, you must go through it so that any concerns regarding the improvement required in the respective essay can be addressed. Receiving feedback can be involved among the steps that can be considered at the time of writing the essay. This step is followed by submitting the final draft. In addition, submission is the final stage, which is to be focused while writing down an essay, as it is only done when you are sure that all the desired requirements are met and no more alterations are needed.

Description of the Parts Involved In the Essay

Description of the Parts Involved In the Essay

In order to jot down this writing assignment, you must begin with its outline. It is to be remembered that the outline of an essay is nothing but a structure, which will be followed to write an essay. You are supposed to include all the parts into the essay, which you feel needs a detailed discussion. The outline comprises:

  • Introduction
    • Hook
    • Precise background information
    • Thesis
  • Body Paragraphs
    • Topic Sentence
    • Supporting confirmation
    • Concluding sentence
  • Conclusion
    • Summary of the main points
    • Re-stating the former thesis and
    • Final thoughts

The best way that can help you to strategize the conclusion section of your essay is to ask questions such as, ‘So What’?. This question, when you posed towards yourself will surely generate curiosity for investigating the study in a proper way so that the readers can read your work and acknowledge it adequately.

After selecting a debatable and contemporary topic, time appears where you need to start writing the essay and for that following the prepared outline is essential to be remembered.


The main task of the first paragraph i.e. the introduction is intended to draw the reader’s attention towards it. While writing down the introductory part of the essay, it is important for you to acknowledge that the initial paragraph needs to have something interesting and unusual in it. This is to maintain their attention and provide impetus to its readers. Your introduction must give background information about your selected topic. You must also keep in mind that a sharp hook in the introductory paragraph is just a start. Thus, in order to keep your readers’ interest into your writing, pursuing similar optimistic tone all throughout the paper along with an introduction is also made compulsory. Moreover, the precise thesis statement is necessary to state the motive with which the body paragraphs are to be constructed.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs are considered as the main and largest part of a writing assignment. In this paragraph, you need to precisely explore the provided thesis statement along with elaborating your arguments and sustain them with relevant research material as well as expose personal interpretation of the subject, combined with the conclusion. An efficient essay is constructed only when the paragraphs involved in the essay transits logically from one paragraph to the other. Good transition intends to create a smooth experience of reading to the readers.

Following this outline will surely make your essay feel similar to the coherent work and not summing up of the facts. There are three major factors, which are required to be considered in the discussion fact. A well-written body paragraph should properly examine your main perspective and offer hard details as well as references to stand by your arguments. Each of the paragraphs involved in the body section should be more explicit and should further give innovative information pieces, detailed evidence, and examples. While writing down the essay, each of your thoughts plays an essential role. This particular structure can be tricky enough and least space is available for any kind of straying thoughts and for ensuring that each of them made statements is to the point. In order to turn a paragraph into a successful one, you need to develop a topic sentence.


You must remember that conclusions are considered to be good if they can trace back to the introduction of the essay by re-stating the provided thesis. The most significant role of the concluding paragraph is, to sum up, the main points and leave the reader to understand the topic completely. You must offer your concluding paragraphs following thoughts:

  • Why did you choose the topic?
  • Why is the concern or the issue relevant
  • What morals have you gained while investigating the topic?

Most Popular 500 Word Essay Topic

The topics include:

  • Money and its impact on people, present your outlook.
  • Is it feasible to earn good profits by using the internet?
  • Surviving with disabilities: How to solve the challenge?
  • Telling lie can be harmless sometimes. Convince readers of this statement by providing strong arguments.
  • Impact of varied kinds of pollution on the ocean’s inhabitants
  • Prove the saying: One’s action exposes one’s character
  • What are the measures that are to be taken for helping the small businesses to prevail over economic hurdles?
  • Carrying guns of the underage people: Significant points to consider
  • Why is smoking regarded as a communication tool?
  • People’ s growing dependency on modern technologies

ample of 500 Word Essay

How Bullying Can Be Stopped


Intentional hostile behavior is bullying and comprises the power imbalances at the situation where bullying is executed. This particular action is nothing but a repeated behavior as well as the probability of being verbal, physical, or rational. In some instances, boys bully others using physical power, whereas girls are found taking part in bullying on the basis of social exclusion. Stopping and preventing bullying comprises a commitment to creating a protected environment where children can survive both academically and socially without having any kind of fear.


Role of Teachers and School Administrators

School administrators along with the teachers must be aware that even though instances of bullying occur in areas such as crowded hallways, bathroom, school buses, and playground among others. This is mostly done through computers and cell phones and needs to be taken into serious consideration. If a teacher finds an incident of bullying taking place in the classroom, then they must intervene to stop it, record the incidence, and inform the school administrators. This is to make sure that the occurrences can lead to providing chances of proper investigation into the matter. Then it is necessary to organize a joint meeting with the student, who was being bullied and the student has a proper discussion about the incidence. This, to an extent, can reduce the occurrences of bullying.

Involvement of Parents and Students

Both parents and students are required to be involved so that they can take part in the solution related to anti-bullying task services along with safety provided teams. Through this, the students can easily inform their parents about the occurrences that are taking place in the school. In addition, parents are also to be informed regarding the new technologies that the kids are using to bully them. Furthermore, the parents, administrators, and teachers can help the students and make them attain a positive outlook and can further teach them the skills that are significant in protecting them from incidents of bullying. Older students can also bring down alterations in the bullying incidences by teaching the younger students regarding the safe processes, which are available on the internet.

Establish Positive Environment about Adults and Students’ Behavior

Classrooms and schools must provide an environment, which must be safe for each student and learning is completed through serious discussions and fun-filled lectures. Both coaches and teachers must explicitly repeat students that bullying will not at all be accepted in school and any occurrences of such behavior will lead to consequences for them. Moreover, the teachers and administrators can create an anti-bullying document to be signed by both the students as well as the parents so that occurrences of bullying are investigated seriously. Nevertheless, there are students who find making new friends a burdensome task, thus the teachers can assist friendship or assign new tasks for the students to reduce the isolated feeling of few children.


Students facing bullying may feel anxious and depressed, which can cause both mental and physical illness. Students facing any kind of trouble in school or with their friends on the grounds of bullying, medical professional such as a psychologist can offer significant help to the child for developing their lost confidence and make them academically successful in the future years. Bullying is a heinous crime, which can hamper a child’s growth immensely and needs to be assessed properly to eliminate it with efficient measures.

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