How to Write a Good Synthesis Analysis?

A key success factor in writing a synthesis essay is an in-depth analysis of a given piece or subject. A student should read the text several times to highlight the main points. It is critical to comprehend the objective, rhetoric, and the writer’s main argument. Provide a detailed answer to the question, “So what?” Your own argument should relate to the analyzed prompt, but it must be based on your opinion. Decide whether you support the author’s view or not, and explain why. Use the opposing views as the contrast.How to Write a Good Synthesis Analysis?

The post below covers everything you need to know about a synthesis essay: from its definition and purposes to the structure and possible topics!


What Is a Synthesis Essay?

A synthesis essay is a written academic work that proposes an original viewpoint about the main idea or topic and backs it up with a mix of credible, relevant sources. The entire procedure contains four major elements:

  1. Synthesis of the sources
  2. Creation of thesis statement
  3. Formatting
  4. Talking with the texts

The rest of the article explains how to write this type of assignment.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay for AP English Class?

Be ready to write hundreds of essays and research papers for your AP English class. It is the best way to check your reading, comprehension, research, critical thinking, and writing skills. Even though the primary goal is to develop and improve the set of skills instead of learning the specific topics, you should still demonstrate at least minimum knowledge of the offered subjects. The biggest mistake many students do is failing to defend or qualify the thesis statement or any of the additional arguments. You should always keep in touch with the syllabus and grading rubric as tutors regularly upgrade them.

On the whole, there are three categories of AP English Language and Composition course. Those are an argument, rhetoric, and synthesis.

The argument is the simplest element. A student has to develop an argument and search for the evidence in the credible, up-to-date sources. Right, teachers, today demand using sources that are no older than five years. The primary goal is to persuade the target audience that your position is the only correct, and they should accept it as well.

Rhetoric or rhetorical analysis explains the author’s point and intentions. It should interpret the reasons for writing a specific piece of text. A target audience should be defined carefully. Also, this branch of AP English is all about explaining how the writer tries to appeal to the readers as well as the essay’s organization.How to Write a Synthesis Essay for AP English Class?

Synthesis refers to reading the offered text(s) and analyze the info from different perspectives. The primary objective is to define the points that both sides agree/disagree with and explain why. After such an analysis, a student can propose a personal vision of the issue.

Once you understand the main components of the AP English course and what synthesis writing stands for, move on to studying the outline.

How to Write an Outline for a Synthesis Essay

Without an outline, a student will easily get lost in his or her writing. This part of your paper serves as the guidelines, a map that leads you through, and the best way to avoid writer’s block. In other words, it’s about planning your structure and course of action. If your paper is made of five sections, split your writing into five chunks respectively. Check whether every point you include proves the thesis statement. You will need three or more supporting arguments.

While working on a synthesis essay, you should keep in mind that this type of paper is not about summarizing prompts you have to deal with.

Here is the template of an outline for a synthesis paper:

  • Intro (opening paragraph of 5-7 sentences)

Thesis statement (1-3 sentences)

Main point 1

Main point 2

Main point 3

  • Body paragraphs

Claim 1

Supporting evidence (quotation, fact, example, etc.)

Evaluation of evidence

Claim 2

Supporting evidence (quotation, fact, example, etc.)

Evaluation of evidence

Claim 3

Supporting evidence (quotation, fact, example, etc.)

Evaluation of evidence

  • Concluding paragraph

Paraphrase central points and answer remaining questions

As it all starts with the introduction and thesis, let’s discuss these parts first.

Building a Thesis Statement in Your Introduction

After selecting the theme to discuss, it is crucial to come up with the central argument, the so-called thesis statement. Study the relevant sources and decide which of the available positions you support. Perhaps, you can think about an absolutely new point of view. Analyze the collected sources to see whether your new opinion might work. Structure the claim. You should sound convincing and sure about what you say in this sentence or few. It is better to have a single-sentence thesis statement.

Example: “Draco Malfoy’s cruelty and bragging are nothing more than a futile attempt to hide his inferiority complex and kind heart which is not associated with the House of Slytherin.”

A thesis is the main, concluding part of your essay’s introduction. In the opening paragraph, you should also introduce the analyzed piece along with its author. Explain the issue’s background and why it matters. You may add a line after the thesis statement explaining why your paper is worth reading.

The Body Part of a Synthesis Essay

Create a 3-paragraph body (the recommended size). Make sure every paragraph in this part has the necessary elements:

  1. Target point/topic sentence – The one related to the thesis statement
  2. Evidence – Information that proves your arguments obtained from the external sources
  3. Conclusion – The bridge between the target point and proofThe Body Part of a Synthesis Essay

Do not forget to insert transitions to show the connection between all paragraphs and make an essay flow logically.

Working on a Conclusion

In the last paragraph, wrap up your paper. With the help of various terms and phrases, reiterate the thesis. Then, provide a summary of all the main points introduced and defended in the body. Give suitable examples from sources or real life. From an ethical point of view, try to think about a good call-to-action. Motivate the audience to study the problem in-depth on their own. Explain how the solution to the problem can contribute to society as well as why your opinion towards the issue is correct.

Try to avoid these mistakes when working on the concluding part:

  1. Distorting the meaning of the essay’s thesis statement
  2. Ignoring a call-to-action

It is better to finish your writing with an open discussion or question (a rhetorical one as no new information is allowed in the concluding paragraph).

What about the Format?

To exclude any signs of plagiarism, one has to acknowledge the sources used or cited in the paper on the last page known as References, Works Cited, or Bibliography (depending on the preferred citation format). So, how should you know which one to pick? The system of citation depends on the subject you study and the particular school. In the case of AP English Language and Composition, you will most probably have to use MLA or APA as those are the writing styles recommended for the humanities classes. Anyway, you will have to reference the sources in alphabetical order and provide such details as:

  • Author’s full name
  • Work’s full title
  • Publication place
  • Date of publication
  • Year
  • Pages cited (optional)
  • Extras like an issue, number, volume, etc. (if known)
  • URL (for the sources retrieved online)

Now, it is time to share some useful writing tips with you.

10 Best Synthesis Essay Topics

You may use this list of the top topics for a synthesis essay. It will help to get inspired!

  1. Two sides of one coin: Being involved in a war
  2. The effectiveness of higher education
  3. The American Dream: pros and cons
  4. The impact of human activities on climate change
  5. The role of invasive species
  6. Things that make The Great Gatsby a masterpiece
  7. An effective solution in the shape of community service
  8. Photography as a type of art
  9. The vision of perfect relationships
  10. Reasons for immigration today

Tips for Writing a Good Synthesis EssayTips for Writing a Good Synthesis Essay

Unlike in other types of essays, there are several acronyms that you should consider when dealing with the synthesis paper.

The first one is SOAPS that refers to the speaker, occasion, audience, purpose, and subject.

While writing a paper using this approach, a student should first identify who the piece belongs to and share the basic facts about this person or several authors.

Next, a writer should define the time and the location of the publication (occasion). In this part, it is also important to list the reasons for writing the text. If the reasons are not known for sure, share your best guess.

As for the audience, it is obvious that a writer should explain whom the message for basically written for.

Next, a student should state the main purpose or offer a few goals that the author planned to achieved with his or her writing.

Finally, it is important to name the subject (the primary idea and claim – thesis statement).

Those who have to write synthesis essays should also be aware of three other critical elements: logos, ethos, and pathos.

  1. Logos: The usage of facts, statistics, quotes, definitions, and examples from credible sources. Collecting the sources and sharing credible evidence from them is one of the best approaches to convincing the readers.
  2. Ethos: Stressing the author’s credibility and authority. For instance, if you write about the best ways to develop mobile apps for iPhone, you can mention that you are a senior app developer at a top company with years of experience.
  3. Pathos: This one relates the readers to an analyzed text emotionally. An author should then use imagery (many examples) and powerful language. With the help of emotions, it is possible to change the mind of the audience.

In many cases, all three elements result in the use of logical fallacies.

The last acronym to keep in mind is DIDLS. It’s simple: diction, imagery, details, language, and sentence structure. Those are the things every synthesis essay must have.

Extra Advice from Experts

Stick to the logical, chronological flow of thoughts to make it simpler for your audience to get the main point and follow your thoughts. In your synthesis essay, you should also avoid complicated terms or phrases that not everyone may understand. It is better to apply the standard language. Stick to the formal voice. You may express difficult terms by using simple ones. Also, make sure that you:

  • Understand the topic well;
  • Are diligent in research;
  • Play with various words and phrases to express your ideas.

Sample of a Synthesis Essay

Advantages and Disadvantages of having Unemployment Insurance

Sample of a Synthesis Essay

The misbalance of the world labor markets is a prevalent phenomenon today. Because of the quick changes in the demand for jobs, professionals are forced to obtain education and training in fields different from their competence. Even though governments guarantee solid financial aid for the unemployed population, implementing unemployment insurance may lead to the high expenses for the entire country.

According to Farber and Valletta (2015), unemployment insurance became much more expensive compared to 1980s. It is caused by the fact the number of layoffs quickly went higher after the Great Recession. Unemployment insurance allows preserving and using extra costs while looking for a different job. It makes such type of insurance one of the main provides of the welfare of citizens.

At the same time, unemployment insurance is the leverage that stimulates the nation’s laziness. Some people are eager to live using the costs of government they obtain thanks to the unemployment insurance than search for the new workplaces. It leads to a drop in specific positions.

Finally, unemployment insurance absorbs a significant amount of administrative costs every year. This way, substantial financial expenses for a certain period lead to the exacerbation of unemployment rates.

To sum up, unemployment insurance is a relevant and critical service that should be present across the country. At the same time, excessive compensation and the unwillingness of some people to look for a new job make unemployment insurance make this practice somehow threatening and not as effective as expected. Certain limitations like the reduction in compensation should be implemented to prevent the country from the potential unemployment crisis.


If you need a highly ranked essay, you should achieve 8-9 points for your writing. It means showing a full understanding of the analyzed piece and extra materials, presenting a persuasive position (driving the argument instead of the sources), citing particular sources to support the points, and having content free of any mistakes.

If you need such a synthesis essay written from scratch for you, we know where you can get one. Our company offers only clear, coherent, and properly structured academic papers of any type. Together, we can make your grades go up immediately!

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