A Complete Guide on How to Write a Bullying EssayA Complete Guide on How to Write a Bullying Essay

Bullying is a popular essay topic in college and university. This is because of the high amount of bullying going on in school. Many students have been witnesses to this phenomenon. The amount of bullying present in today’s society is quite alarming. This why this is a popular topic because it can help prevent this cruelty in educational institutions.

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What Is an Essay on Bullying?

What Is an Essay on Bullying?

Bullying essay is an academic paper assignment on the embarrassment, injustice and unfair treatment of the person by another individual or a group of people. The essay aims to educate students on bullying and to prove its importance as it has become a common problem in our schools. Bullying essay is a critical academic paper that highlights bullying’s deadly and tragic consequences like the school murders and student missing classes.

Essential Steps to Take When Writing a Bullying Essay

To the most suitable place to start is to come up with an exciting topic for your essay. The fundamental point is to give priority to where heart desires are. If you have bullied or been bullied to get a topic will be easy but if you were fortunate not to come across this problem here are some tips on how to go about it:

Brainstorming – Have a discussion with your family and friends about the current trends of bullying and list down possible concepts

Discussing – consult the teacher or tutor before or during writing the essay, they will help you.

Exploring – try and acquire as much information as possible about the matter then decide if the information accessed from free sources is enough to come up with an interesting topic.

Eliminating – eliminate topics which you don’t like or have little information on from your list and remain with the best idea

Or a student can choose one of the following essay types to come up with a topic:

Definition– It describes the meaning of bullying.

Descriptive– It describes bullying and gives examples.

Narrative– It relates to stories that you experienced.

Cause & effect.-It gives reasons and outcomes of bullying.

Compare & contrast.-It compares one aspect to an identical.

Argumentative-It takes a particular stand on bullying.

Persuasive– Trying to convince a reader your position is right.

Research paper.-It illustrates bullying in great details.

Necessary Guidelines on How to Write a Thesis Statement

Every article or paper you write should have the main word or main title or main concept. The debate you make should reflect the main idea. The thesis statement is the sentence that catches your point on this main concept. The statement should be captured in one or two sentences. A thesis statement should present the topic and make an explanation about your stand concerning the subject. It should also communicate to the reader what the essay is about and direct you in writing and keep the explanation in check. A thesis statement should be robust and to accomplish these significant points should be presented in the sentences. Provide the thesis statement early in the introduction. Tips on how to write a thesis statement

  • Don’t cover up the statement in the middle of paragraph or end of the essay
  • Be particular and clear. The reader should accurately understand what you men
  • Express your point but avoid sentences like “the point of this essay…”
  • It shouldn’t just present the topic but show your position in regards to the topic, how you plan to evaluate the idea. Don’t just state the facts’ questions and to explain
  • Avoid repeating discussions already done and be ready to answer “so what?” questions and the point you are making is worthy of reading

Writing an Eye Catching Bullying Essay

Bullying essay outline is like a regular essay on any topic. One can add a few paragraphs on the main body, but the points should flow that’s why it’s important to come up with a plan called outline. Writing an outline will save you time and make your work statement should be well organized by helping you to organize your points. It will help to structure your paper by dividing your plan into parts and naming them


The introduction should be appealing to the reader and also eye-catching. To grab their attention start with an exciting statistics about the concept and make them understand how it affects the society. Also, include exceptional hooks and plots to catch their attention. Start with a question which will require a response. To achieve the best results in grabbing their attention

  • Define bullying – you can use the dictionary and also your own words and let the reader have a clear picture. Show the importance of explaining the idea by beginning with an official fact or interesting statistic on bullying
  • Explain the different types of bullying
  • Clearly, show the problem – Highlight the adverse effects and negative aspects of bullying by providing reliable facts
  • Let the reader know the importance of the topic and why you have chosen to discuss
  • End with a powerful thesis statement using the tips above

Writing an Eye Catching Bullying Essay

Main Body

The body should have 3 or 4 paragraphs each starting with a claim then evidence and samples collected with author’s experience. The essay should show ways on how one can identify incidents or possible incidents of bullying and how to go about it to stop it. If possible provide information on where one who has been bullied or tend to bully can get guidance like from parents, teachers or an organization. The content will depend upon the assigned essay. You can use the following points.

  • The conditions in which bullying thrives
  • Results of bullying
  • Solutions for the bullying problem. What students can do with their teachers and parents or on their own


It’s a misconception that the conclusion is a summary of what has was said on the paper, but one has to impress the reader that he or she would wants to contribute something towards the war on bullying. Start with re-writing or paraphrasing the thesis statement. Make a guaranteed conclusion that will describe your claim regarding the bullying problem in society. The end should be like the final verdict where you can give your thought on measures to be taken when cabbing with bullying. No new information should be provided here. The whole issue is to stop bullying. The importance of a conclusion is to stress the claim. A student can

  • Give the last statement that will address the abusive routines against groups of people or an individual
  • Provide knowledge on the importance of bullying in the life of modern child stress on the significance of further research
  • Give some of the government regulations and the feedback on the implementation of those regulations
  • Give suggestions on handling bullying and give room for people to come up with the best way of handling this problem
  • List the side effects of bullying both mentally and physically

Writing a Bullying Essay


Do not forget to remember your sources of information in the paper, and it will earn you extra credit. Acknowledge the writers or authors and give the readers more information to discover

Points on Post Writing Steps

In an essay or paper it’s essential for one to go through their work

  • Check the outline and structure and mend where it’s needed
  • Check for grammar, spelling, punctuation by proofreading
  • Consult your teachers or tutors before revising
  • Get feedback from family and friends on the essay to refine it
  • Use of grammar and plagiarism software to check for mistakes or errors

Trending Topics on Bullying Essay

  • The way bullying affects the academic performances of the victim
  • Assess cyberbullying in schools and our communities
  • Ways to make students comfortable when talking about bullying
  • Ways to help reduce bullying in schools and in our society
  • Why some people bully others
  • Community awareness of bullying
  • Types of bullying
  • Things you would do when someone tries to bully you
  • Turning for help from parents, teachers. and organizations
  • Reasons for bullying your peers
  • Can a child ask for help from an adult or try and resolve the problem themselves
  • Is bullying a social problem?
  • Share your experience of bullying from school either being a victim or being the driver or culprit bullying someone
  • What is your opinion about those that bully their classmates
  • Does bullying exist both in developed and undeveloped countries?
  • What is the government doing about bullying in schools?
  • How should teachers react to bullying in their classes
  • Is going to the police a reasonable reaction to bullying?
  • What are the negative consequences of bullying
  • How to identify, prevent and respond to cyberbullying

Bullying Essay

Teen Bullying


Bullying is when a person or group of people continuously and knowingly cause harm or hurt to another individual or group of people who have no power to respond. Bullying can be repeated over a long time without the knowledge of an adult and would continue if no action is taken. There are different kinds of bullying emotional, cyber, verbal and physical. It can on occur in schools, on the streets, and or even in social places where teens gout their way to cause harm. This paper will discuss the reasons and the outcome of bullying on our teens

Relevant Statics

30% of the US population had been exposed to bullying while 13% of student in grade 5 to 10 have bullied. On the other hand, those who have caused physical harm and teased among American teens is 20% while another 20% and over have agreed to banish their classmates. Despite this high figure this common in boys than to girls.

Effects of Bullying


The quality of life of a teen is very much affected by bullying. When other children are playing with their friends, they tend to keep to themselves and are in constant fear and worry which leads to stress and finally affects the quality of life. This can lead to low immunity because they are susceptible to infections

Academic Achievements

Bullying doesn’t affect the teen physical but also emotional, and both are life-threatening. According to Marcia bullying interferes with student education because they cannot pay attention during class or even miss some days or lessons.

Social Isolation

Bullying will affects the victim’s self-confidence as well as his or her dignity resulting in social isolation. Constant bullying makes the teen withdrawn and anxious because of worry that their attacker will snap at any time or mock them in public

Aggression and Violence

Bullying has long term results on self-respect and may lead to loss of life. In the past two years bullied teens have become aggressive and violent and turn out to be bullies. In the US alone bulled teens go back to their schools with weapons for vengeance and end up harming or murdering the innocent students. According to Winter Garden 2013, Florida shooting the suspect was being bullied privately by his classmate and consequently ended up in school shooting blindly. On the other hand, teens who are exposed to the violent display end up being bullies themselves.

How to Stop Bullying Among Teens

Mass Education

Educating our teens can help stop bullying in our society. Teaching our teens on how not to become causalities and teach the bullies the short and long term results of bullying their peers. Educating the parent in understanding their children particularly the bullied ones because bullying has underlying reasons that drive the bully. The reasons for teen bullying has underlying mental and emotional causes which parents need to understand

Social Control

Formal and informal authority can be started to help in teenage bullying. Criticism, shame and mockery are some of the informal social controls. Teenage bullying is an abnormal behavior that sanctions can help to control.


Bullying is a behavior that is not socially acceptable created by both different underlying controls and being denied socially. The main dangerous factors are mentally and personality. Mentally such as pore struggle, social rejection and fail risks, e.g. poor parenting and painful childhood. It is important to know that bullying is an abnormality and can be curbed and removed. It is important to understand that the statistics above may not be entirely correct because some cases were never reported

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