A Guide on How to Write a Compare and Contrast EssayA Guide on How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Look at the following statement. “iPhone is a better mobile phone than Samsung because I prefer iPhone.” This statement does not sound informative or persuasive, does it?

“Samsung is preferred by most users compared to iPhone because arguably iOS phones possess low access to a variety of entertaining and informative content, games and other apps, and they are extremely expensive.”

Now the second one is a statement that sounds more compelling. The second example is one out of the many compare and contrast essay topic examples. If you want to know how to write a compare and contrast essay and or maybe handle compare and contrast homework assignments, the guidelines below will definitely come in handy. This is basically an article about differences and similarities that you require to analyze.

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What Is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

This type of essay requires you to pinpoint and discuss the differences and similarities between two or more items, ideas, things or concepts. Depending on the guidelines given and complexity of the topic, the essay could provide a deep or shallow analysis of the differences and similarities. You may also be required to form new connections as far as the ideas being discussed are concerned.
The purpose of a compare and contrast essay goes far beyond coming up with mere similarities and differences. It involves making fundamental arguments about the issues under discussion.What Is a Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay thesis should offer rich detail of the parts covered in the essay and also make an undisputed argument. To get the dominant theme for your thesis, you first need a topic.

How to Find the Perfect Compare and Contrast Essay Topic?

Foremost, it is highly recommended that you explore topics that you are passionate about. In so doing, your writing will be as exciting as it should be because no person wants to read a dull essay. The is no single correct method of how to select a topic but there are a couple of strategies you may use to make the most out of your search, such as:

  • Search for things that fall in the same category- There are absolutely an unlimited number of categories you can consider like animals where you could compare cats to dogs or economics where you could compare sole proprietorship to partnership and so forth.
  • Random fun or surprising Fact- The fact that one of Jupiter’s moons has the same atmosphere that exists on Earth is a surprising fact. Fun facts make good essays, as long as they are not dull.
  • Film vs. book- A lot of the time, books are better than movies but there are different situations where both the movies and books have gained huge success and critical praise such as Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. You can choose to do films vs. books or video games vs. comics.

Here are some interesting compare and contrast essay topics you can consider:

Compare and Contrast Essay Leisure and Sports Topics

You definitely know the significance of co-curricular activities if you are a student. Different compare and contrast essay topics can give you a bonus insight to the fantastic world. Some sports ideas are

  • The Bundesliga vs. The English Premier League
  • Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
  • Basketball vs. American football
  • Off- road marathons vs. track racing
  • Late night work out sessions vs. early morning workout sessions

Compare and Contrast Essay Marriage and Love Topics

Love is the most essential quality which brings unity, development and peace a lot. Therefore, some compare and contrast essays is an important step in understanding the significance of love.

  • Marrying at an old age vs. marrying at a young age
  • Childhood love vs. teenage love
  • Church marriage vs. court marriages
  • Husbands vs. wives
  • Father’s love vs. mother’s love
  • Friends vs. Siblings
  • Love after marriage vs. love before marriage
  • Sex vs. love

Compare and Contrast Essay Science Topics

Science is a thing which keeps changing and evolving. We make discoveries each and every day in physics, chemistry and biology. Below are some of the remarkable compare and contrast essay topics in science:

  • Life on Mars vs. life on earth
  • Earthquakes vs. hurricanes
  • Diesel cars vs. electric cars
  • Jupiter vs. Saturn
  • Traditional Means vs. modern day scientific healing processes
  • Homo erectus Vs. Homo habilis
  • The beginning of motherhood vs. pregnancy

Outline Your Essay

The outline of your essay will enable you to function out the major structure organization and offer a template, which you will follow as you continue building on your points. Regardless of how you decide to shape your essay, you are guaranteed to have the following:

  • Introduction. This is the part that should be the first paragraph and should show the basic data about the items that are being contrasted and compared. It must show your direction and thesis of the essay. Incorporate a hook to keep the reader focused on reading your essay.
  • Body. This is where you give the evidence and details which support your statements. Each paragraph should cater for different point. It must analyze and offer proof for them to connect those evidences to your thesis and support your thesis. A lot of essays might only need three body paragraphs but you can use as many as is needed to cover your full argument.
  • Conclusion. This part summarizes your points. It restates your thesis in a manner which provides more information than the introduction. You now have all the information in the introduction and body of the essay and do not require to reword your original thesis. Just put it on the next level.Outline Your Essay

The Structure of a Compare and Contrast Essay

There are two major methods to structure a compare and contrast essay, which are described below. You should select one of them

Point by Point Method

This type of structuring method puts focus on contrasting and comparing different points of a similar item. It is important to add that you can only select two objects that you can actually compare and contrast. It is therefore a good idea to contrast and compare two books of similar genre, but it makes absolutely no sense to compare a basketball and a football team because they are entirely different.

Block structure

This structuring method lets you compare dissimilar items according to a particular pattern of writing. An advantage of using this mode of structure depends on the level and structure of your essay.

You should take the first item and define it in the first paragraph, then proceed to define the second item in the second paragraph. Qualities or features are viewed into step by step.

Top-notch tips that will increase the quality of your essay

Coming up with a title

Sometimes an essay may say precisely what the paper is, but it is not going to gain any points for style. A perfect title for an essay will broadcast something about the topic or argument of the paper. Depending on your situation and audience, you can add a pun or banter or maybe ask a question to offer a summary of your major point.

Reviewing and proofreading/revising

You should keep an eye for any repetitive ideas, confusing phrasing and grammatical errors. Search for a balance in your essay paper that is you should offer about a similar amount of information about each item for avoiding bias. Here are a couple of things you should consider:

  • Avoiding bias – You should not use overly defamatory or negative language to demonstrate why an item is unfavorable. Therefore, you should use solid proof to attest your ideas.
  • Avoiding first-person pronouns – In different cases, you may be encouraged to use “you” or “I” in your essay. However, if the assignment does not mention it, you should stick with third-person.
  • Proofreading – Punctuation and spelling errors occur from time to time and not getting them could make you look lazy. You should carefully go through your essay or ask a friend to assist you if you are not confident in your skills in proofreading.

How to End a Compare and Contrast Essay?

At the end you should get ready to write a quality closure for the essay. Regardless of it being final in your essay, it should be nothing other than perfect. Research demonstrates that conclusions are your final way to impress your audience. The outline or structure of the final part is very standard.

  • Restating the statement of thesis to retell your readers of what your entire essay is balanced around.
  • Go through the pieces of proof which you used during your writing.
  • Finalize with a challenge for the audience, a call-to-action or a question.

Writing a Compare and contrast essay is not as hard as you thought it could be. Just take your time to make it count and polish it.

A Good Example of a Compare and Contrast Essay

Contrasting and Comparing Washington DC and London

London and Washington DC are both the capital of nations that speak English but they provide immensely dissimilar influences to their visitors and residents. Contrasting and comparing both cities depending on residents, culture and history will demonstrate how similar and different they are.

Although their development time lines are very different, the cities are both possess rich national and world history. For example, London posses a history which dates back for over 2000 years. The city of London was an element of the Roman Empire referred by name Londinium. When looking at Washington DC, it has formally existed from the late 18th century. The city did not become the capital of the United States until the 1790s, although Native Americans settled on the land a couple of thousands of years before, and inhabitants settled in the same place in the early 16th century. However, from that point till today, DC has progressively upheld important worldwide impact. The two cities have held and continue to hold, substantial social impact in the cultural and economic international spheres even though both have different histories.

London and Washington DC provide a wide variety of museums that contain a lot of treasures that are most prized in the world. While the galleries and art scenes of London possess a definite angle in this area, Washington, DC, has a couple of Smithsonian galleries and the National Gallery of Art. The art of London is rated as one of the best in the world, that is from the British National Gallery to the Tate Modern. This advantage and difference has lots in doing with Britain and London’s deep history in comparison to the one of the US. The city of London contains a far richer past compared to DC and subsequently has many materials for pulling from in time of placing its gatherings. The two contain districts with thriving theater and still London is the winner of this contrast, too, in both quality and quantity of theater selections. In regards to other places of culture such as pubs and restaurants, pubs, the two are very distinctive. They possess a huge choice of elegant, expensive restaurants and also the same levels of national and international chains. As London is known well for its taste of beer and pubs, Washington DC provides an altered experience in bar-going.

The two cities also differ and share standard of living and cultural diversity. They both share an extremely costly way of living that is in regards to shopping and housing. A downtown apartment of a one-bedroom in Washington DC could cost 1,800 dollars monthly and the same apartment in city of London could be twice the amount in DC. These extremely high prices build socioeconomic disparity between residents. Although the residents of both cities are wealthy, they have an enormous population of homeless and poor people. Maybe the most important variance among them is the racial demographic makeup of residents. DC, is a city of “minority-majority” meaning a significant percentage of its citizens are not white. From the census of US conducted in 2009, 55% of citizens of Washington DC were classified as “Black” and 35% of the remaining residents were classified as “white.” In 2006, by contrast, London had minorities of the citizens were “white,” and just 10% were “black.”

Even though London and Washington, DC are native English-speaking nations in the world, they share a lot of similarities including their differences. They have immensely different racial demographics, cultural art and histories, but still remain the same in their socioeconomic disparity and way of living.

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