Creative Essay

Creative essay helps the students to think creatively as well as communicate the story in the most interesting and entertaining way making it’s more impactful. Creative essay should engage the reader’s mind with interesting phrases. Creative essay facilitates students with independent topic selection where students can write creatively on their own style. The objective of creative essay is to convey information, which can entertain the readers with the use of certain voice, character growth, and impactful story. In this context, the creative non-fiction essay includes four basic features, which can assist in differentiating one from the other. The feature of creative essay is that it must incorporate fiction and facts that are able to entertain. Additionally, the presentation of facts should include a personal interpretation. Furthermore, a creative essay should also include description of experience and needs to be written with the use of certain techniques that can help in engaging the reader’s mind.

Table of Contents

Definition of Creative Essay

Creative essay involves students to be creative based on their imagination or by writing certain experiences. Creative essay incurs students to be more factual for conveying certain ideas along with arguments in a precise manner with the use of accurate words for successful communication of the message to the readers. Additionally, the creative essay is a type of narrative essay where the students can have independent thoughts regarding a topic and can accordingly think as well as write. Everyone has some experiences in life that are worthy of sharing. Thus creative writing provides students with the opportunity for self-expression. Creative writing task can be allotted to the students in schools as well as in high school. This empowers the students to write with an open mind with no use of technicalities. Creative writing requires having an interesting topic along with the ability to self-express and narrate the situation.

Process for Preparation of Creative Essay

There are certain steps for writing a creative essay. Whenever a student starts to write a creative essay, it is significant to have a topic. Contextually, the first step includes selecting a topic, which is aligned with the main objective and is considered to be of utmost importance for writing a creative essay. Students have the power to write over any topic, however, the students should make sure that they also consider the readers while selecting their essay topic. At the time of selecting an essay topic, the students must select the topic based on who they are writing the essay and whether the content can be interesting for them or not. This is followed by the step of research. Once the students decide on the essay topic or experience, which is close to them, then it is essential that they accumulate more details they can over the topic. These collections of details can make the essay interesting and engaging. The research process is important, as it helps in finding more keywords and facts that can enhance creative writing. Additionally, the integration of the several sources with experience will help in making a creative story. The third step focuses on making a plan and includes students to find a question that their creative essay can answer. The plan should incorporate how, when, who, where and what. In this context, the essay story should be able to engage the readers making it informative from the beginning. The plan must include a precise description of the story to the audience so that it can engage them in the story. The plan will ensure effective formatting of the story when planning is done beforehand and ultimately will allow the clear imaginative process of the readers along with an excellent preview of the story.

The fourth step includes the mapping of all the ideas in a rough draft and further involves making notes of the story, thereby creating an efficient title in the beginning. It includes working on writing an essay, having a track of it because certain thoughts and ideas can help in contributing to improving the essay. The fifth step includes creating a new draft, which includes ordering of the ideas in chronological order. This step incorporates reading of the rough draft from where only the required ideas along with the information are selected for inclusion in the final paper. Furthermore, the selected information is to be aligned in a chronological order that can be used as an outline for writing the essay. This step will ensure the flow of idea and efficient transition in the essay so as to avoid the reader’s confusion. The next step focuses on initiating writing an essay. Once the outline is ready, the student can start writing a creative essay, thereby gradually developing the story. When all the point and ideas set chronologically in the previous step are described, it is again the responsibility of the students to check the essay flow and make necessary corrections.

Popular Essay Topic

The examples of popular essay topics include as follows:

  • Write about yourself
  • Memorable Road Trip
  • Happiest day of your life
  • An event that changed your world upside down
  • How society is controlled by artificial intelligence
  • A book that changed your perception
  • Describe the things that you would do if you become invisible for an hour
  • A college education is significant for career growth
  • Workplace conflict is an opportunity for organizational growth
  • Describe your favorite things that you cannot imagine your life without it

Content of a Creative Essay


The content must include a title, which is interesting to draw the attention of the readers. Students must include a title, which can grab the tutor’s attention. Furthermore, the title can also be such that it can give a precise summarization of the entire essay or even can use the quotes that can relate to students creative essay.


The creative essay follows a certain outline, which comprises introduction, body, and a conclusion. The three parts provide three-act structure to an essay. In this context, the three distinct outlines significantly develop the plot with the incorporation of the point structures, which include set-up, confrontation, and resolution. Contextually, set up is the introduction, which basically establishes the essay characters and describes their relationship with one another. Set up initiates the scene and allow the readers to understand the development of the plot. Likewise, in confrontation, the students are required to discuss the varied issues that surround the essay topic. The development of the arguments along with evidence and explanation makes certain twists in the essay. The story development can be preceded by the students in such a way that it involves a smooth progression of twists. Furthermore, the resolution is the conclusion, where summarization is made along with resolving of all the issue with your own opinion. In this step, the story will slowly settle down and eventually come to a point where again it depends on the student whether the story ends or makes a new beginning.


The introduction of the creative essay is crucial, as it helps in building the foundation for the rest of the essay. The students can highlight what the paper includes in the further sections. In this section, the details about the topic and crucial arguments are along with the introduction acts as a backbone of the story in the essay.


The main body of a creative essay should have organized the flow of ideas so as to efficiently deliver what the author intends to deliver the readers. The body can discuss the ideas along with making crucial and dynamic changes in the middle of the story, as a creative essay allows the students to use their creativity.


It is the summarization of the topic, thus the students can close or open a new start for another topic independently. It will depend on the student, but the readers should be able to connect with the story and understand the writer’s viewpoint.

A checklist for Post-Writing

Once you finish writing your story, it is necessary that you take a certain break and then re-check the written creative essay. This enables you to evaluate whether the story progresses as desired. It also helps in assessing whether the words are able to express the characters of the story or not with the maintained flow of the story. Furthermore, re-checking is also the process of identifying the grammatical mistakes, spelling, and punctuation, thereby allowing you to check necessary details and illustration. It is also recommended that allowing proofreading to a peer or any tutor can help you in identifying any other grammatical mistakes, which further ensures whether the content is able to deliver the same story or not. Re-checking post writing by a peer can ensure if the use of keywords, quotes, and phrases have been able to engage the reader’s mind or whether they have the ability to be imaginative and worry about the characters.

Creative Essay Sample

A Book That Changed Your Perception


One day during my summer holidays, I was in my bed until late afternoon. I was literally wondering about how I would spend my future days. Suddenly, I noticed a book on my sister’s shelf and wondered what it was about. I got the book, which was named “The Women’s Room”. It sounded quite interesting than what I thought. As I started reading, it was not the way I had perceived it to be but it was more of issues related to women rights. Without adequate knowledge, I started reading the book and curiosity developed within me to know more about the social norms along with its drivers and the lives we spend according to it, as I had never given a second thought over the social matter until I found the book.


Marilyn Fridyy was the author of the book and she had described various stories of women since 1950. Initially, I found difficulty in reading the book but gradually, as the story progressed, I was so into it that for around four days, I read that book with all my heart. I started laughing, crying, confused, distraught, and angry on different instances. The story revealed a point that most of the girls graduated and married while the rest did not even bother to join college or complete their graduation. Women perceived college not as a medium for accessing job opportunities rather took it as a medium for getting a better husband. The main character in the book was Myra, who lived with her husband and children. Her life seemed to be normal but she was not satisfied with it. In the later part of Myra’s life, her situation seems comfortable, as her husband is financially stable and her kids were growing but her step of taking divorce changes the entire scenario. After the divorce, she joins Yale University and graduates. Although the entire journey was difficult, she recognizes her potential and lives a happy life. Her story taught me that self-honesty is the only way for attaining self-satisfaction and happiness. It was a great challenge for her because she had given most of her life struggling for her family but ultimately leaves everything when it gets settled and takes up another challenge in life, but this time she is happy.


When I take this lesson from the book and analyze with my family, my mother had won many medals in sports during her college days but later she graduated and got married. She became a housewife who took care of us. My father, on the other hand, was also a graduate from the same college. However, today he has achieved his dreams and holds a good position in a company as well as he has subsequent power and control in the society and family. Now, I realized my goals and I fear to take the role of my mother someday by giving up all my dreams. I do have immense respect, as I would look after my family but I will never give up on my dreams. My decision would be different from my mother’s decision because I will take up challenges as Myra the character of the book had done. The struggle for my dreams would provide me happiness and satisfaction in life.

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