Cultural Identity Essay: Write a Compelling Essay on Your Heritage

“Even after leaving in the US for the last ten years, I still identify more with China and Chinese traditions.”

This sentence can form the beginning of your cultural identity essay. This essay is similar to a reflective article. Whenever you are tasked with this type of piece, our useful guides in this article will be invaluable. Moreover, you will get examples of cultural identity essays here to help you get an idea what they are all about.

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The Cultural Identity Essay: Definition & Key Solutions of Academic Problems

First, make sure that you define cultural identity writings. This essay is an academic and creative document that portrays the feeling of attachment and loyalty to a specific culture even after an individual grows up and becomes independent and with a defining personality.

It provides an individual with a perception of association and belonging to certain customs, nationalities, and traditions. An excellent cultural identity essay ought to discuss the following vital aspects:

  • Language
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Location
  • History
  • Religion

This essay employs a structure that is similar to other forms of academic articles. The only distinctive feature is the topic/subject. A cultural essay ought to use the first-person when writing as opposed to other forms of writing such as persuasive or argumentative essays.

The instructor will not ask for any sources in this type of essay because it’s all about communicating about oneself. The paper focuses on your feelings, emotions, experiences, skills, and your knowledge of your heritage.

Extensive research is not necessary. However, you need to be conversant with the appropriate academic writing skills for the paper such as formatting.

The most commonly used format for cultural identity essays is MLA because it explores culture which is part of English Language and Literature class. The Modern Language Association offers guidelines in this area of writing.

The writer is free to include relevant in-text citations to depict their heritage. To enrich your writing, use information from famous writers detailing your culture and traditions. These sources will be a plus for your essay. Nonetheless, infusing citations in your work is entirely optional.

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The Cultural Essay: Example of Ideas to Discuss

cultural identity essay

Often, the topic of this type of essay seems too confined. However, this is not entirely true. There are five things that the writer can tackle when coming up with a cultural identity article:

  • Personal Experiences
  • The writer’s imagination
  • A place related to the student’s or specific phenomenon
  • A mentoring figure
  • A place that the writer appreciates
  • Memorable traditions or customs

The writer can write about how they got recognition within their communities after initiating and running campaigns to help conserve the right of local endangered animals. Another fantastic idea that you can tackle in your essay is an experience after visiting your home country over the holidays.

Regarding location, the writer can provide information on a specific place where one can go to experience foods that are from their country of origin. You could spice this up by giving instructions on how to prepare and serve the same.

The student can also narrate about their failures throughout life and how they got around them. At times, you will find that the worst decisions in life turned out to be valuable life lessons. You need to tell such a story in good light to make it useful.

Another excellent idea for your cultural identity composition would be to discuss an individual from your native land who has advocated and depicted the significance of abiding by your traditions and customs.

You can also build your article on the little outdoor activities you participated in during your childhood. The act of coming up with a compelling paper based on these facts s known as the cultural identity theory. This theory explores how an individual identifies with the people they grew up with.

Once you have your topic, proceed to create an outline for your work to help you work efficiently. After that, formulate an exciting title for your article.

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How to Start an Essay on Cultural Identity Topic Effectively

To make the writing a seamless as possible, ensure that you pick a good topic for the article. Proficient writers advice that the writer should settle on a subject that they are familiar with to enable them write excellent articles with an efficient flow of ideas and with excellent presentation. This essay aims to communicate well which is only possible if one is sufficiently aware of the topic.

In cases where the teacher prompts you to take up the role of another person in writing, research will be quite useful.

However, in other instances, always skip the research bit.

Useful Professional Advice from Us

“Arrange your ideas after selecting the topic. Start with racking brains with peers as well as parents. The elderly have an in-depth understanding of various traditions and customs. Jot the most compelling ideas on a different piece of paper. Once you finish introducing a specific topic, close the introduction with an excellent thesis statement. This sentence summarizes the central claim of the entire writing.

The thesis statement of a cultural identity essay can be quite broad. For example,

“Each new aspect of a person; both inwards and outwards is determined by cultural identity.”

The body of your article should provide in-depth information on the meaning of the thesis statement.”

Monica Brainy, an academic writer at Essay4Me.

Developing Body Paragraphs of an Essay on Cultural Identity

Use the 5-paragraph essay structure when writing a cultural composition. Use both long and short paragraphs in your article to improve its readability. Moreover, use both short and long sentences to achieve the same effect.

Paragraphs should be approximately of the same length. It is crucial to plan your work and formulate an outline before writing these paragraphs. The framework is critical in assisting you to write logically. It will also help you communicate the ideas from the brainstorming session in a chronological manner.

When writing your paragraphs, you should:

  • Begin body paragraphs with a cohesive claim
  • Provide some proof or facts from real-life examples or sources
  • Use transition sentences effectively to ensure you link your ideas

Are you stuck midway through writing your cultural essay? Here are some mistakes you should avoid in your writing.

The Ideal Cultural Identity Essay Example Extract

“Rural California is the location of my birth. Before my 10th birthday, my family and I had relocated to New York City. My dad is of British descent and was raised by his poor adoptive American parents. My mother is pure Albanian and hails from a Mormon background. Her family is staunch Mormon and follows the culture and traditions of Albania to the letter. Many Americans find Albania to be quite mysterious. I am the only child in our home. Before the age of 7, I used to feel so lonely and wished I had siblings. We once lived in a middle-sized private house in the Los Angeles suburbs. When it comes to religion, my dad is an atheist in spite of most British being of Orthodox religion. On the other hand, my mother is an ardent Mormon. She brought me up in accordance to the mal principles and strict rules.”

After looking at this example, the writer can get insight on how to go about this essay. Each student can provide information on their childhood. However, it is not easy to write an essay focusing on a single topic in your life.

If you need a brilliant essay on cultural identity, contact a professional academic writing company to get quality articles from people from various nations who are experts in writing excellent reflection papers.

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