Professional Tips and Guidance on How to Write a Descriptive Essay

We say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but did you know that you can create a picture worth a million from a thousand words – that what descriptive writing does. Therefore, if you are required by your tutor to write a descriptive piece it is essential to know what is needed and by learning how to write an outstanding descriptive essay will help you improve your storytelling and writing skills. In this piece, we have provided guidance and tips on how to go about it step by step.Write a Descriptive Essay

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Definition on What is a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a composition that provides elaborated information about a given topic. Elaborate because the piece should be able to present a clear picture in the reader’s mind of the subject that is being discussed. When writing a descriptive essay, your goal and purpose should be to create a vivid picture in the mind of your reader; they should be able to visualize what they are reading from your writing. A well written descriptive essay should appeal to the entire five human senses; touch, smell, sight, touch and taste. This form of writing essentially entails using words to help people enjoy a given experience.

Preparing to Write a Descriptive Essay

Just like all other processes in life, preparation before writing a descriptive essay is crucial. You cannot just jump in and start writing; you will not be able to bring out the best when creating the mental picture. It is critical to have the proper mindset as you set out to write the essay. Developing the mindset will require you to take some preparation steps.

Choose an Outstanding Topic or Idea to Write About

The integral part of any descriptive essay is the topic that you want to present to the reader; In essence, it is the entire foundation on which the article will stand. Failure to understand the subject will prevent you from writing an excellent essay.

You might have the option of deciding the topic that you will be writing on, and in other cases, you could be given an assignment and be asked to write on particular subject. If you have the option to decide on what to write on, make sure that you choose to write on something that you are well conversant with; one that you will be comfortable writing on and one that you find interesting. It is vital that you select a topic that you find passionate with. It will make it much easier for you to write about it enthusiastically. This way it will also be much easier for you to adequately describe it and create a memorable impression or picture to the reader.

If you do not have the choice to decide on your topic, do not feel bad about it. It is still very possible to write a top-notch essay on the subject. Take time to understand it well and have an open mind approach towards it. This way you will be able to see different perspectives on the topic and finally settle on one view that you will find interesting.

Here are some of the fresh ideas and topics you can use for your descriptive essay:

  • A nightmare
  • Moving to the city
  • A life changing experience
  • A day at work
  • The first day in college
  • Your ideal restaurant
  • Your most exhilarating experience
  • Your favorite childhood memory
  • An addiction
  • Your worst life experience
  • Falling in love
  • Your most memorable vacation

Internalize the Topic

Once you have fully understood what the topic is about, it is time to internalize it. You will have to think critically about it and start relating it with the information that you have within you. Remember that most of the topics of descriptive essays will require you to write about something that you have experienced or that is a part of your life. This means that the information will be coming from within you. Internalizing the topic will require you to go back within yourself and pull out the details on occurrence or experience that you have.

Create an Outline

Take the time to figure out what you know about the topic. It is essential to keep in mind that the descriptive essay is just like any other assignment and should have a proper structure as well. It means that it should have an introduction part, a body as well as a conclusion. In the outline, you can start by writing the main points that you have. Do not explain these main points as you outline them; write them down in point form. They will form your guide as you write the final draft of the essay.

Once you have written down all the points, you can now start writing your essay elaborating on each of those points as well as you can. Share as much information as possible in the most descriptive way possible. Create the mental pictures in your head as you write the essay. That will make it easier for you to describe it. Remember that your writing should appeal to all the five senses of your reader. The only way to achieve this is if all your five senses are involved as you write; you need to feel what you are writing about. You thus also need to have the mental picture that allows you to engage all these five senses. To be able to write an excellent essay, you need to be fully involved in the process yourself. Focus on creating the mental picture and being able to transfer it from your mind to the paper. Here are the crucial parts of your essay;

Create an Outline

  • The Introduction

It is the first paragraph that you will write. With the introduction, you are telling the reader what you are going to be writing on. You are giving them the context within which the content of the essay was generated. You need to make it very clear and exciting. The introduction will usually determine whether the target audience will continue reading or completely ignore what you have written; it is imperative that you make it very interesting. Let your reader know how you relate to the topic and why it is important to you.

It is vital to start with a captivating hook sentence; an intriguing one that will both capture and retain the reader’s attention. You will also need a good thesis statement. The statement should not be lengthy but should be able, to sum up, the content of your essay in an engaging and captivating manner.

  • The Body

The body usually makes for the middle paragraphs of your essay and is the principal part of it. Depending on the total number of words you are supposed to write, the sections could be 3, 5 or even 10. It is at this point that you will thoroughly describe the topic of your essay; the experience that you aim to bring out. Make sure to use words that relate to the five human sentences. Use correct grammar and proper English but make sure to keep it interesting. Refrain from using very long sentences.

Each of the paragraphs in your body should concentrate on one thing. You do not want to have many issues jumbled up in one section; you will lose your reader’s interest. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence. The topic sentence will be your guide to what you should be talking about in that particular paragraph. At the end of each section, use a transitional sentence; this sentence introduces what you will be expressed in the next paragraph. Ensure that the content of your items includes accurate details. Your readers will trust you more if you include facts in your content and will even respect you more. This way, it will be much easier for them to continue reading your story; it is a great way to capture and retain your reader’s attention.

  • The Conclusion

The conclusion is usually the final part of the essay; you close it out at this point. It is a very crucial aspect; you have to go out in style.

Writing an outstanding conclusion will require you to review everything in the essay in short conclusive but reflective statements. You need to remember the initial purpose for which you were writing the article. The description that you were giving was to achieve an initial objective. For example, if you were writing about your most memorable childhood memory, it is in the conclusion that you make it clear why this particular memory is the most memorable one.

As you write the conclusion, you need to revisit some key points within the essay. These are the points that reinforce the whole purpose of the composition. Using the example above, they will be the points that make it clear why that particular memory was the most memorable one. Make sure that they are outlined very clearly. At this point, your descriptions will not be required to be very explicit as these were previously given in the body. You need to be clear and concise.

Finish off your conclusion with a clincher statement; a final statement that will intrigue your reader and leave him or her with something to forever remember about your essay. It could be a thought, a question or even a quote.

Review, Proofread and Edit your essay

Once you have finished writing the article, go over it again. Read through it and find out whether it has the effect that you require it to have. As you read through it yourself, ask yourself whether it is creating that mental picture and feeling that you need it to. If not make the necessary adjustments to capture everything that you intended to include. Proofread it for grammatical and spelling mistakes and give it a final touch before you submit. You can use the online spelling and grammar checking applications if you have access to one or you can allow your friend to read and help you with errors that you have missed- a fresh pair of eyes can make a huge difference.

Sample Descriptive Essay

Below is an example of a descriptive essay

The Dream that Came True When I Moved to Clayton

Growing up, my favorite time was always when we spent time up in Clayton in our cabin. This was a time when we got to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Things were less busy there and more relaxed; there was a calmness that nourished the soul. We never really went up there as much as I would have liked; we only went when my grandfather was on vacation from work, but I did enjoy each time that we went there. Things there might be very different now, but I still remember the many memories that I created there in my childhood.

In the city, everyone was always in a hurry. Everything seemed to be moving so fast; it’s like no one ever stopped to take a breather. Every morning when I woke up, the first sound I heard was that of cars rushing down the street. It was the sound of people hustling to beat the morning traffic to get to work on time. There was never really the chance to sit idle and enjoy the outdoors; the outdoors was crowded, loud and always rushing somewhere.

Up in Clayton, everything was different; there was none of these. Everything was calm and serene. No one was rushing anywhere; there were no crowds everywhere. At night everything was still and quiet. The only sound you heard was that of animals chasing each other up the trees or rustling the leaves as the animals ran over them as they hunted their food. There was the chance to quietly sit in your chair outside and watch nature at its best.

In the city, the air itself smelled of a mixture of things; it was dense and polluted. There were the toxic emissions by exhaust pipes from the vehicles, the cakes that were being baked down the street, the chicken that was being grilled at the corner, the garbage truck that was passing to dispose of the week’s garbage. There was always a mixture of smells in the air that made it almost impossible to take in a deep breath of fresh air. We had just gotten used to it as we had lived in the city for a while.

The case in the Clayton was way much different. Immediately on arrival, you would notice the difference. The air smelled sweeter, cleaner, fresh, and one could not help it but take in one deep breath after another unlike in the city where you couldn’t grasp a full breath of air.

It is true that I cannot relive the experiences that I had in Clayton as a child although they did positively influence my decision to move my family there. The clean air, the relaxing environment and hustle and stress-free atmosphere have become our norm today. The experiences that I enjoyed here as a child gave me exposure to an entirely different world away from the city; A world in which I am getting to raise my family today and enjoying every moment of it.

Making It Perfect by Seeking a Professional Hand

The key to writing a good descriptive essay is true to yourself and what is within you. Pull it all out and put it on paper. Pour out everything that you are feeling and put it down in proper grammatical sentences. This way you will be able to release your human self and be able to activate all your five senses. It will thus be much easier for your reader to do the same as they read through your essay.

Take your time to follow the preparation steps that were outlined earlier; next to be true to yourself and you can be sure that you will come up with a very high-quality descriptive essay worth every reader’s time and attention. Also, if you experience any writing challenge, you can seek professional assistance from a reliable custom writing company, and you can receive more tips and guidance as well as convenient and affordable writing services.

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