How to Write an Informative Essay: Expert Tips and Guidelines

If you have been assigned by your professor the task of writing an informative essay, you most likely do not have a clue of topics you can write about in your essay. If your teacher does not give a particular question to discuss, you may need to develop your own. You should select an original and intriguing topic. Therefore, be prepared to spend some sleepless nights doing deep research. If you have taken time to research on atopic without success, this article is designed to assist you.

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Informative Essay: Definition & Purposes of This Academic Essay

informative essay

Informative essays can be defined as academic assignments for high school and college students written with the aim of educating a specific audience. It may talk about anything from an item, personal experience, natural phenomenon or life event. You will be required to expand on the question by giving relevant details.

To tackle this essay adequately, you need to assume that your reader does not have any knowledge about the informative essay topic you are going to discuss. If you come across professional terms that can assist you in describing your topic further, do not hesitate to use them. However, always explain further with meaningful information. For example, when your essay is about marketing and your readers have no prior business knowledge or skills, explain your points by using unique words like customer research but giving their definition. You could also add a relevant example to make your point clear.

We will discuss how an informative essay should be written when you have a topic provided and when you need to choose you’re a topic of your own.

How to Write an Informative Essay: Expert Opinion on Structuring Your Essay

It is inherent for every student to possess the skills necessary to write an excellent informative essay. Once you know this, it is easier to write other academic essays that share relatively the same feature with informative essays. These may include problem and solution essays, compare and contrast essays, process essays, and cause and effect essays. Let us start with the procedure of writing your essay outline.

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Creating Your Informative Essay Outline

Most academic essays follow the same general structure. You need to have an introducing paragraph, at least three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Finish with a list of your sources also known as a bibliography. Your topic of choice dictates the length of your body section. However, if the topic does not include numerous aspects, then three paragraphs is an appropriate length. Here, you don’t write the thesis statement as a debate. Instead, present it in a way that emphasizes the need for further research on the topic.

For example, assume you are writing about the effectiveness of food supplements in treating cancer patients. Your essay should then have:

  • A description of the origin and background of your research. Here you need to disclose the basis of the issue such as the techniques people tried in the past in an attempt to treat cancer or how supplements in cancer treatment came about; it is dependent on your topic focus.
  • The procedure of administration. Explain how medical practitioners identify which food supplements will assist cancer patients and how some of the common supplements function.
  • Finally, discuss the benefits cancer patients experience when they take food supplements. Here, you may also add a real-life success story of another person or your own. If the example you give is about you, it will be more captivating to your reader.

Useful Tips: How Should Students Choose the Best Informative Essay Topics?

Use our expert tips to help you select the most suitable topic ideas for your informative essay:

  • Don’t pick a general topic for your essay focus. However, an extremely narrow topic is not a better choice. Select a topic that lies in between the two. It should not be too vague nor to specific as to lack room for discussion.
  • Stay away from topics that you lack the skills for or do not interest you. When you write about something you do not understand well, you will only sound inexperienced and unprofessional.
  • Engage your readers by selecting a topic that applies to the modern society.
  • Read your assignment instructions and guide. Also, make sure to check out good examples of informative essays before you begin writing yours. Even if you have in-depth knowledge on the topic you intend to write about, you will still require some independent research. You may learn accepted ways of referencing your material such as APA and MLA citations. You can also learn how your essay should look.

Trick on Polishing Your Essay: Professional Advice from

It is crucial to mind your English vocabulary when writing your essay. You could start by listing terms relating to your topic of choice. Research and write down the meaning of each term you wish to use. Knowing the definitions of these words will help you write your essay smoothly and without getting stuck in the middle. An intelligible essay should be your final result. If your essay is complex and is difficult to dissect, it is a failure.

Informative Essay Examples of Topics for College Students Still Struggling With their Essays

After much consultation, our expert writing team has compiled a list of some of the most suitable informative essay topics. You can choose the one that you like.

  • Gun control: you can define what it means, why many countries around the world have this policy, how effective the policy is and the consequences that arise from it.
  • Legalizing the use of marijuana: describe to your audience what marijuana refers to, its health effects to human beings, advantages and disadvantages of using the drug, and prediction of the future use of the drug.
  • Dirty Language: show the origin of such language, why people use this language so much these days, the linguistic importance of dirty words, and some examples and their meaning.
  • The creation of the Universe: explore theories on the inception of the universe including planet earth.
  • Causes and effects of addiction: distinguish different types of addictions; explain why people get addicted and how to overcome it.
  • Prostitution: identify its origin and its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Electronic commerce: give its distinguishing factors in comparison to traditional commerce, major features, and predictions of its future advancement.

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