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Why take your time to read this piece? In the real sense, it is difficult to select an excellent persuasive essay topic from numerous good topic ideas. We will explain why persuasive essays are different from other academic essays you may have written in the past. The objective of our guide is not only to teach you just to show people how right you are but to interest them too. Persuasive essay topics may take different angles, and you can use these to draw the attention of your audience. What you need to do is present your argument on a particular issue then persuade your audience that your claim is the correct one.

Are you a student at any academic level and are still reading this article? It means that I have met my objective; which is persuading you to keep reading. By the time you are done reading this article, I hope that you will know how to select and use argumentative paper topics.

What is a Persuasive Essay? Learn the Definition and Importance

A college or high school essay for scholarship application has numerous rules you must follow. You will start with the thesis topic, your claims with supporting sources and finish with a nice conclusion. For the persuasive essay, the conclusion needs to be excellent and captivating. You will need to provide proof and real examples you collected while doing your research to enrich your essay.

However, before you can settle on a topic for your essay, it is important to take adequate time to learn more about the kind of academic essay you have been assigned.

Here are three key things you should do know first in writing a persuasive essay:

  • Meaning: the purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince your audience that you are right in your judgment. This essay should influence action on the part of the reader towards a certain viewpoint on the discussed topic. Persuade the public on the topic question you are trying to put across.
  • The essay outline. We have a section on this making your essay outline below.
  • Explore online examples of different academic essays for students.

By giving you the fundamental rules of creating your persuasive essay, you are most likely drawn to the issue I want to discuss. Therefore, let us go a little deeper.

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Writing Persuasive Essay Outline with Writer from Essay4me.org: Structuring Your Essay

The structure of a persuasive essay is similar to any other academic essay. You begin with your research and then present your claim with supporting statistics and proof. You can add in-text citations to add sources in your paper. Familiarizing yourself with the different formats for academic papers is important.

When you are defending your thesis statement, don’t be afraid to be aggressive. You can incite feelings of pain, anger or joy. An argumentative topic should be debatable which means that it should have two sides. It should help you in showing that you are right in your opinion.

The recommended structure you should use:

Introductory paragraph

  • Begin with a strong hook sentence
  • Speak to your reader
  • Present a clear thesis statement

The body

The body should have two or three paragraphs, and each should have:

  • A fact supporting the argument/ thesis
  • A related example
  • Proof

The conclusion

  • Give a summary
  • Tell the reader how the information you have given them is of benefit.
  • Call your reader to action

We at essay4me.org can help in writing your persuasive essay. If you are stuck with finding an idea to write about or creating an outline, you can contact our customer support to get a qualified writer assignment to your paper.

Excellent Persuasive Essay Topics You can Test

One point in your life, you may need to persuade someone else that your opinion on a particular subject of concern is indeed the right one. Therefore, we have made a list of some of the best topic ideas that will suit whichever kind of persuasive essay you wish to write.

  • Should video games with displays of violence be outlawed for sale to students?

persuasive essay topicsThis topic may be easy if your target readers are parents with children in high school or college. However, when the same idea is tested among children, there may be powerful opposition especially among supporter of video games. Therefore, you must present yourself as someone who deeply cares about the topic since you are also a student. You should invoke the feelings of the people you are addressing by giving real-life consequences that have arisen from violence in video games.

You may need to do fresh research to familiarize with the recent statistics of violent murders in high schools or colleges. Combine this information to create a strong point on the risk of these violent video games to kids.

  • Financial incentive boosts academic performance

Believe it or don’t, some parents give their children money when they achieve an excellent grade. In any case, we all need money to spend on the things we like. However, some people do not think this view is correct. They argue that by giving children money like this, parents encourage children to become wasteful and can even use such funds to engage in bad habits such as taking alcohol or smoking.

Since you will be in support of this argument, you may talk about how focused students do not have the time to take part in these vices. Otherwise, they would be unable to excel in their studies.

  • Advancements in technology cannot harm the society

Most parents and even teachers oppose the fast progress in technology because they believe it only makes children spend more of their time on computers and not doing other constructive activities. However, there are many benefits to advancing technology, and you may use them to defend your stand.

  • Are social media platforms threatening to people’s privacy?

There have been concerns that governments have the power to access whoever’s social media account of it wants to as long as you are their citizen. However, you may argue that even if the government does this, it is not so that they can use the information for their gain. It may be necessary for protecting the citizens of the country.

  • Exploring the various kinds of political regimes

In this democratic age, the government does not possess unreserved powers to take control of every citizen completely. Therefore, your aim for this topic should be to show that the freedom we enjoy is not quite ideal. You could begin by researching on historical societies where democracy brought about chaos. You can include historical books such as Divergent to help your reader know that it is not smooth sailing; like a coin, there are two sides to this argument.

  • LSD does not negatively affect a person’s physical health

Matters to do with health and drugs provide good arguments because they are contradicting. Conduct research to come up with evidence. Based on the research you have done, you can decide to take the side of the people supporting LSD usage. Though it is not harmful to our body, it may be dangerous to the brain. However, you need to know that you can only support one side of the argument. Choose the one that you think you can provide strong points that will persuade your audience.

  • It is important to make working hours flexible

In presenting this argument, you need to discuss how lack of sleep leads to deterioration of a worker’s health and productivity at work. Talk about how flexibility in working hours can remedy these problems.

  • Governments should raise minimum wages every time inflation goes up

If you choose to work on a financial topic, you must be familiar with the subject. All in all, it is inherent that you conduct independent research on what inflation is, its fundamental causes and the effects it leaves behind. Make your argument strong and clear.

  • Every child should access education for free

This kind of topic is advocacy for justice. Therefore, you want to encourage the public to support your view. You need to choose your words carefully to achieve your goal. You could also give the disadvantages of paying for access to public education.

  • Rearing of dangerous animals in people’s homes should be prohibited

Here, you need to give the reasons why you think keeping exotic animals at home is risky. If you have ever been attacked by these animals, you could give your experience as an example. In the least, you should emphasize on the need for safety measures to keeping these animals.

You can, of course, look for other topic examples. If you are struggling with your essay, the best thing to do is hire an online writing service to get a custom paper written for you. Make your order for a unique and strong persuasive essay for a better score.

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