How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

A problem solution essay places its key focus on a set of issues or a specific issue affecting an individual, a group of people or a situation. As a writer, you are supposed to formulate a solution or multiple solutions for the problem at hand. These type of essays are very common across different levels of education. They allow the student to explore issues and employ the use of critical thought to come up with a remedy. The first step in writing such a paper is to create an outline. After that, follow the outline required in a problem solution paper.

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Common Problem Solution Essay Topics

The ideal approach to discover problem solution essay topics is to think about common issues. The following is a list of some appropriate topics:

  • The perfect way to deal with foreseeing teenage pregnancy.
  • Techniques to use to convince young people to drive safely.
  • Means to use to shield people from dropping out of high school.
  • Ways for helping vagrants in our community.
  • Ways kids can be taught to leave bad habits.
  • Ways kids with separated parents can be made to do well in school, have dependable connections, and live valuable lives and social associations.
  • A perfect way to deal with help people who experience family hostility.
  • Ways of dealing with the issue of illegal immigrants.
  • Ways to change the welfare system to empower people to escape generational poverty.
  • The development of weapon brutality.
  • Ways to rehabilitate prisoners and make them productive people in society.
  • Techniques health services can employ to have the capacity to be availed for everyone around the world.
  • Means of improving education quality.
  • Methods of shielding kids from being conversely influenced by viciousness and indecency in media, such as PC games, films, and the Internet.
  • Ways of prompting people to settle on sound lifestyle choices.
  • Methods of enhancing the ability of people to talk and exchange opinions without being easily offended freely.
  • The best approach to make a city friendlier to the use of bicycles.
  • The best way to reduce psychological warfare.
  • Ways to teach teenagers how to deal with social anxiety.
  • Ways of managing online data mining.
  • Ways of permanently mitigating environmental degradation.

Steps to Observe While Outlining a Problem Solution Essay

The first step before any writing begins is to identify a situation you intend to address. Clearly, state it in the prompt of your essay. Sometimes your instructor might assign a specific situation to address, or you can be given the freedom to choose a topic. In most cases, situations focus on historical, political or social issues.

Next, determine the main components of the paper. A problem solution essay typically includes four major segments. These are a situation, a problem, solution, and a discussion. A student must outline his or her paper to address all these components. The situation component requires paraphrasing of the prompt in your understanding. The problem section requires the student to state the issues or specific issue and give detailed explanations for proper understanding. While writing the solution section, elaborate your proposed solution or solutions. During the evaluation, list your primary ideas and predict or recommend courses of action that will give a lasting solution. Typically, you will only have a single situation under which you can state multiple problems and give multiple solutions as well.

Steps to Observe While Outlining a Problem Solution Essay

There are two methods you can use to structure your essay. These are the block and chain structures. In the block structure, you ought to start by listing the issues then the solutions. Below is an example of a simple outline that can guide you during this process:

  • Introduction: Discuss the primary situation
  • First problem
  • Second problem
  • Transition passage or sentence
  • First solution
  • Second solution
  • Conclusion: explain your

Within the chain structure, you outline your problem solution paper through the discussion of a problem then immediately follow with a solution to the problem. This structure is recommended for short essays. Below is the general framework:

  • Introduction: explain the situation
  • The first problem and its solution
  • The second problem and its solution
  • The second problem and its solution
  • The third problem and its solution
  • Conclusion: elaborate on the evaluation

How to Write the Problem Solution Essay

Preparation before starting to write your problem solution essay makes the entire process easy and less time-consuming. Follow the steps below for effective writing:

How to Write the Problem Solution Essay

Explain the Situation

Start by explaining the situation according to your individual opinion. You can accomplish this within the introductory section of your essay. Keep your focus on a certain perspective of the situation more so if the topic is wide. Conduct thorough research about your topic to come up with as many ideas as possible. Suitable reference materials include peer-reviewed online journals, books, past publications, websites and newspaper articles among others.

Conduct Proper Research

In case you are not able to find adequate information from reference material, you can collect your data for the essay. Data collection methods include surveys, interviews, and discussions with colleagues. Most papers of this type do not always require external citations. However, whenever you cite any information, you must indicate.

Write the Thesis

Write a credible thesis statement. This statement needs to appear both in the introduction and the conclusion paragraphs. It acts as a guide to keep the writer on the right track. It should base the discussion on the situation as well as the problem.

Identify Solutions

Identify all your solutions. Remember, a good solution must be easily implementable, must properly address the issue and be cost effective for all stakeholders involved. For instance, you can meditate about a problem and formulate two solutions. After that, you can explore each solution within your essay.

Use Examples

Each solution needs to be supported with specific examples. Do not just generalize your problems and solutions. Examples help you expand on the solutions and elucidate them more. Your language must be specific and straight to the point.

End with an Evaluation

After discussing all the relevant solutions within the body paragraphs, make an in-depth evaluation in the concluding paragraph. This evaluation needs to briefly discuss the solutions and make closing remarks on the aims your solutions intend to achieve. You can as well opt to incorporate a call to action, whereby you emphasize the importance of effectiveness of your solution.

Proofreading and Editing

While writing, most people do not pay keen attention to grammar and spelling. For this reason, it is imperative to go through the paper and screen for spelling, grammar, and other writing mistakes.

Confirm Structural Integrity

Ensure that your paper follows the proper outline. Review every detail to confirm that it covers the four major components required in a problem solution paper. It must address both the issues and their solution in adequate detail. Likewise, see to it that your thesis statement has appeared both in the introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar

Another step is to check for grammatical and spelling mistakes as well as punctuation. Read out your paper aloud to ascertain if at all you have misspelled words or errors in grammar. You can as well try reading the composition from the end coming towards the beginning. Another good idea is to hand over the paper to a colleague or friend to proofread on your behalf.

Word Count

Check if you have attained the required word count. Most examinations normally specify the minimum and maximum word-count. In case you do not meet the word count you might need to revise it by either shortening sentences and giving shorter but more clear explanations.

Proofreading and Anti-Plagiarism Software

You can utilize software such as Grammarly to check for integrity of your grammar and spelling. It also helps you get rid of wordiness and awkward collocations. For plagiarism, Copyscape or Turnitin can assist you to detect unoriginal content to ensure your paper is 100% unique. Thesaurus can assist you in finding synonyms for any overused words.

Example of a 500-Word Problem Solution Essay on Social Media

Social media sites offer an incredible way to discover new friends and keep in touch with loved ones. Each year we see many such platforms arise endeavoring to appeal the ever-growing market space. These days’ individuals invest much energy in their cell phone over various web-based social networking applications. They locate a virtual existence where it is anything but difficult to get virtual regard, love, gratefulness, and acknowledgment. One cannot simply make companions with a mouse click or fall in love with one swipe. These things require some serious energy, exertion, and persistence. Our present age has a low capacity to focus, they are anxious, and they need things to occur in a flash. This situation is hauling them into this virtual universe of web-based social networking and applications. Today it is so rampant to the point that individuals relate their physical, social and mental identity with these applications and platforms.

Sample Essay: Impacts of Social Media Addiction

Sometimes, things do not generally go as we desire; a similar thing occurs over the web and web-based life as well. Individuals will not care for, offer and love your photos, recordings, statues, and stories constantly. Individuals are getting to be reliant on others to be glad and fulfilled. This is the greatest danger. One may have an ideal life however on the off chance that they do not get validation over the web they do not feel it.

Social media dependence is making them miserable step by step. Online crooks can also steal personal information and use it for uncouth activities. They can also blackmail users and extort money from them. As a result of such cruel circumstances and unfulfilled desires, individuals go into depression. They begin hurting themselves both emotionally and physically. Once in a while, it results in suicides. The individuals who do not get to that point continue feeling low and despondent.

One would never have envisioned that social media would yield great influence on the general population. We are losing the genuine human touch, and it has an effect on a human to human connections. Individuals discover new accomplices on the web, and there is no issue with that. However, falling in love over social media is far extreme. Love, respect, and regard require some serious energy, collaborations, and tolerance. Presently People are not prepared for such long-term duties, so connections built on such frail premise are bound to fizzle soon.

Forbidding the use of social media is not the answer. These instruments do offer great convenience and if utilized shrewdly can be valuable for us. Individuals frequently accuse innovation or its makers since it is anything but difficult to accuse others. The underlying driver of the issue is inside us. We are individuals who are prone to addiction. The best thing any human needs is freedom. Older generations gave their lives to ensure our freedom. Presently we lack self-control and are abusing this amazing opportunity. Indeed, these online sites ought to have options that give us control of use. At the end of the day it is dependent upon us, how much we need to utilize it and the extent we enable it to influence our lives.

In conclusion, restraint, self-control is the main way one can quit utilizing social media or conquer the dependence. One should utilize it for a definite amount of time. One ought to go out and encounter life in its genuine sense, take an interest in social exercises, volunteer, read the real softcover book, visit guardians and companions outside and plan Sunday breakfast. To put it plainly, one needs to keep themselves occupied in reality with genuine individuals. We require live genuine socialization. We have to comprehend that life will dependably have mountains and valleys. Even the acclaimed individuals whom we pursue on these online networking sites experience it. There are no easy routes; life is an adventure, not a goal.

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